We believe that God is in the business of transforming cities.

Around the world more and more stories are coming to light of the amazing ways that God is working to bring change and transformation to cities that have been crippled by high crime rates, social problems and spiritual lethargy.

God is bringing together churches, businesses, ministries, government representatives, community groups and families inspired by the Gospel to band together in the unity of the Spirit, so that God can release His blueprint for transformation as we work together.

Derelict areas of our city receive new life, crime rates fall,  neighbourhoods become family friendly, government initiatives are birthed that beautify our city, the poor and marginalised are raised out of poverty, commerce and industry thrive without the environment suffering, and most importantly, new spiritual life brings new hope to the city as a whole.

It is transformed people that transform cities, and true transformation comes only by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As the transforming power of the gospel reaches into the lives of our city’s people, so the desire for change, willingness to serve and determination to see true transformation take place work together to bring transformation to every aspect of the life of our city.

We believe that city transformation is not only possible, it is what is on God’s heart, and that we have been given a mandate to partner together to see transformation come to our city.

A view of the future Liverpool Civic Place...